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The Band:

Straight For The Sun are an Alternative Metal band from England, UK.

Callum Green– Vocals / Pauly Barter– Lead Guitar / Tom Haywood – Rhythm Guitar / Oz Jackson – Bass / Jamie Human – Drums

Formed in Birmingham by Tom Haywood (Rhythm) and Pauly Barter (Lead), Straight For The Sun quickly established themselves on the local club circuit as a high energy band before recruiting Jamie Human (Drums), Oz Jackson (Bass) And Callum Green (Vocals) to complete the lineup in late 2017.

The band released their first single ‘Villains’ (Recorded at Robannas Studio – Producer Miguel  Seco) as well as their first UK tour of the same name in early 2018, and later became finalists for Metal to the Masses, Mammoth Fest, Godiva Calling and HRH Highway to Hell competitions.

Their second single ‘Sirens’ ( Recorded at SLL Studios – Producer Jay Shredder) was released late 2018, followed by the first of two BMA Nominations in early 2019 before their third single ‘Unbound’ was released in wake of the band’s debut EP ‘No Tomorrow’ – which was release during a packed 02 academy 2 headliner.

With the success of the their first EP, they embarked on another UK tour during the months of Aug/Sep 2019 and would end the year on a high supporting the likes of Skindred at ‘Night of the Living Dred’ along with various Kerrang! DJs, and then finally supporting Uriah Heep with Diamond head at KK’s Steel Mill.

2020/2021 saw the band release their forth and fifth singles ‘Walk’ and "Remember Me", with their sights firmly on their first album.


  • Callum Green - Vocals

  • Pauly Barter - Guitar

  • Tom Haywood - Guitar

  • Oz Jackson - Bass

  • Jamie Human - Drums


  •  'The song is a monstrous statement of intent ... As opening salvos go, villains is pretty damn impressive' - Slap Magazine Issue 81 June 2018 reviewing "Villains"

  • 'Arguably recommended for fans of bands like A DAY TO REMEMBER, KILL SWITCH ENGAGED and BRING ME THE HORIZON' - Ryans Gig Guide July 2018 review of "Villains"

  • "...listeners are hit by a wall of pounding drums and aggressive riffs with a force that doesn't stop for the entire track" - Overtone Music Magazine​ Reviewing "Unbound"

  • "A glimmer of hope in the darkness" - Freak Magazine Reviewing "Walk" May 2020

  • "I can't help singing the words" - The Moshville Times "Walk" May 2020

  • "Adrenaline pumping chorus" - Glamrat "Walk" May 2020

  • "A fresh and ferocious attack on the soul" (5/5) - Rock Media UK​ "Walk" May 2020


  • "Villains" (Single, March 2018) Producer: Miguel Seco

  • "Sirens" (Single, December 2018) Producer: Jay Shredder

  • "Unbound" (Single, March 2019) Producer: Jay Shredder

  • "No Tomorrow" (EP, May 2019) Producer: Jay Shredder

  • 'Walk' (Single, May 2020) Producer. Jay Shredder

  • "Remember Me" (Single, June 2021) Producer. Jay Shredder




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